Friday, January 19, 2007

Screenshot potpourri (2)

As stated in the comments, I've not been feeling well for the past 10 days or so, so not much done related to coding/testing. I'm starting to feel better, so I'll be able to post screenshots of really new stuff, and not from the 1.5 months old 3D core :P

Anyway, as promised on comments, here are some screenshots (last two ones are personal choice, I just loved how the game looks):

As you can see, blending it's still not fixed: I don't know if I'll ever fix it in the current renderer, I've to rewrite some stuff from scratch, and that should fix almost all blending problems :)


gmv28 said...

good work shash, will be that you it could place some videos of games twirling in the DeSmuMe? sory for the English, I used automatic translation!

Anonymous said...

nice shots shash
and feel better friend
you are great

gmv28 said...
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gmv28 said...
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gmv28 said...

shash, you could test other games as Mario Kart DS and New Super Mario Bros to test 3D, in 2D, you could test the Mega Man ZX!

sory will be the English, I used automatic translation!

Federelli said...

Hey Sash, i hope you get better!

As far as testing goes, both castlevania games are good 2D examples, and Final Fantasy 3 is as best as 3D can go on the DS.

Serio said...

The blending (at least in the castlevania screenshot which is the only one I tried and got running) could have been caused by the incorrectly displayed screen in 3d mode.

There's a black line on the right and top, which was also the case in IDeaS, and it was caused by the plugin slightly resizing the screen for some reason.

Although I'm sure you already know all of that. :P

xvx said...

good work!