Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Capture unit

Today I've been working on the capture unit, which, from the examples (and games) I've been able to get my hands on is used mainly for using 3D output on both screens of the DS, motion blur or screenshots. Of course there're a lot of other uses (much more that I can think at the moment), but for example, it's used on the menus of "Metroid Prime: First Hunt" for all the moving stuff on both screens. My implementation right now is very vague (just did today in a few hours) and lacks support for all the modes, but at least got the menus showing better in Metroid.

Also did some misc bugfixing here and there, that's not even interesting to talk about. Only one of the minor tweaks in the texture handling routines, that I thought would give crappy results, fixed hell a load of stuff.

So, as the proverb says, a picture is worth a thousand words:

It's only getting better and better :)


Federelli said...

Yeaaaahh, it's starting to look as it should :). Great work!

Anonymous said...

very nice man
nice improvement!!!
take your time
we know you are working hard!
you are great!!!!

RockmanRotties said...

I agreed with danos! Keep up the good work! Just take your time and no hurry at all! If you have to work on it and won't release for 5 months then do it! It's worth waiting for! :D

nixendra said...

really nice improvement!

just a question do you plan to commit your changes to the CVS version or your version is too different ?

note: not trolling just curious

Low Lines said...

hmm nice :p
so when you get Metroid running the way you want, that's when you want to release it correct? (Remembers that statement somewhere....)

oh wells :p back to Yoshi's Island 2 for me lol

Someone! said...

Last time I got into this blog was one month ago.
Now I read something about an awesome newspost on another site, and I saw it!
I can't believe you got the MPH demo working! I am sure you will soon get the MPH game itself working, beacuse since the menu's flicker the same way in older versions, it uses the exact techonology :D

Anonymous said...

I have a question
You show us a lot of improvements about 3D graphics, that's fine!!!
but 2D???
And I want to congratulate
great job!!!

shash said...

nixendra: That's quite a hard question to answer in a simple form, so I'll leave it to "maybe".

Danos: I've already fixed/added quite a lot of stuff 2D wise, but still some more work is needed. For example, the video from the intro of "Metroid Primer: First Hunt" is only showing on the top screen. I've still some optimization ideas for the 3D stuff that'll take a few hours to implement, after that I'll look into 2D again.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the answer shash
Next version will have a lot of improvements, take your time friend!!
you are working in graphics, and who is workin in compatblity and other stuff???? for exaplme sound??
It's only a question to know better Desmume Staff

nixendra said...

shash: thanks for the answer, "maybe" is better than "never" ;)

danos/shash: i've checked out the cvs version yesterday and they got (some) sound support

darkone180 said...

hello been watching this project for some time now after normatt's blog had stop being updated i watched your site now to this day i have been wondering what the specs of what has is left or has to be completed like




project developers:???

touchscreen accuracy:???

save(?SAV/ram?) functions:???



possible requirements:???
(that is all i want to know sure others do if you dont mind telling us :D )

im glad to see people have picked up on this emulator and started improving it alot i really hope this busts the ds emu scene

great job shash:)

darkone180 said...


shash said...

darkone180: I can't answer most of the questions, as I don't know exactly, I can only tell that the requirements will be high, as the DS cores are quite fast (66+33 mhz, emulated with an interpreter atm), and that the microphone isn't emulated at all.