Wednesday, November 08, 2006

No time

I'm really busy with stuff not related to emulation right now, so not much progress has been done. I've only done some work towards making 3D processing faster, but least than a 5% improvement was achieved :P

I've really been thinking about when I should release, and I narrowed it down to one option: I'll release when either Super Mario DS or Metroid Prime look right, that means fixing compressed textures or fixing the generated texture coordinates. I'll probably make other speed fixes, but compatibility comes first.

No interesting stuff today neither shots, but it's late and I'm too tired :P


Federelli said...

Nice post.
Compatibility is always first and speed later, that's the key to great emulation :), look at PCSX2

Hiper_Nemesis said...

I agree...good work Shash :)

Low Lines said...

I hope your work on it pays off :p it looks very promising.