Tuesday, August 22, 2006

DS 3D core fixes and enhacements

Since yesterday, I've been focused on fixing all the 3D demos that the devkitpro provides. As of now, I can say I fixed almost 95% of the issues with them. The 3D core was very primitive, just to name a few bugs, all the blending (transparency) was broken, all the texture formats were badly handed (the alpha was always a tiny value, so it broke all the transparency), and MANY others.

One of the things that I really wanted to fix, were the nehe samples, as only one of them ran. After adding all the missing 3D commands I could find missing, all of them run perfectly. Some screenshots about fixed things and examples of new features:

Just one of the demos I've doesn't run at all, and two others show very minor glitches (one of them the one with the alien sitting above). When I've finally fixed the missing bugs in the display list render code, I'll focus in the cpu core again.

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