Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Improvements to the 2D core

After spending the last 9 days fixing, improving and rewriting most of the 3D core, I looked for some 3D stuff to test. While searching I found a few 2D demos that still didn't work properly. They run without crashing, but were rendering incorrect stuff. The reason is quite simple: desmume doesn't support rotated / scaled sprites yet (among other bugs).

So, yesterday I decided that I should give a try to the 2D core, as the rotation / scale stuff looked like an effect called "rotozoomer", that I already coded in the past. The stuff looked simple, but actually took 2 entire envenings to work correctly. The implemention is far from being finished, but all the sprites that have scaling/rotation and I don't support, get rendered like in the last released desmume, so at least, I don't broke anything.

Currently, I only support rotation when sprite is 256 colours / direct color (16bits) and the sprite is not flipped. I think that I'll get 16 colour sprites support done in no time, but I've not yet looked at it. Supporting flipped sprites will be harder, as I don't have any demos that already do that. I guess I'll have to change some of the available examples to enable flipping in them.

Enough chit chat, this is an example of how it's working now, a rotated and scaled sprite, with double size (this last one simply doubles the clipping rectangle, so if you've an square rotated 45 degrees, corners don't get cut):

More stuff has been done/tested, you'll see in the (probably far in the future) release.


RockmanRotties said...

Good job. What demo do you need to test it so I can try to find the link for you to test..I am not sure what test do you want it to be done with ?



Daniel said...

Good work!
I can't wait to see more improvement from the Emulator :)
I would like to help you but I only know some basic stuff from C++... so Keep the good work Shash!

shash said...

rockmanrotties: I think that I'll just modify an existing sample an see if the results make sense, but thanks :)

daniel: Well, keep learning, and in the future you'll be able to help with or create an emulator.