Saturday, August 26, 2006

Perfection looks good

It's not a secret that I've spent the last days trying to get the DS Graphic FIFO commands working (also known as display lists). For those that don't know what I'm talking about, it's actually quite simple. If you want to render 3D objects in the DS, you've at least two ways to do it: inmediate and the FIFO. With inmediate, every vertex/normal/texture/etc coordinate is sent separately. It's theorically the slowest way. With the FIFO, you just have a queue of commands (vertex/normal/texture/etc), and then the DS interprets it. Well, enough chit chat.

This morning, I've finally fixed one of the bugs in my current core. The bug was quite stupid: the DS has 6 ways to send a vertex position, with different accuracy, and different number of components. One of them, is a relative position to the last coordinate sent, so, for example, if the last vertex was {1,0,0} and you want to set a new vertex at {1,2,3}, you cand just sent a relative vertex with coordinates {0,2,3}. That's a good idea, as the relative coordinates are actually half the size of a full accuracy vertex.

The differences are quite obvious:

I'll let you guess which one is the fixed one :P

Have fun, I'm back to coding.


Low Lines said...

Yes perfection does look good!!

Daniel said...

Vlad stop Spamming this blog.
By the way, Good work with the FIFO commands, I can't wait for see more improvement in action :D

DragonMinded said...

ooh ooh I know!! It's the left one!!!11

Leandro said...

So much times ago you already rock!