Tuesday, April 29, 2008

New beta "policy" on official DeSmuME

Just as a quick note, due to recent developments that I won't go into detail, I decided to start doing CVS builds, from the work in progress between releases, myself and uploading in a small web page that I setup.

I've been thinking for quite some time on doing some serious work on the CVS regarding the 3D core and the general speed. I know I can get easily a 10% speed up and make the 3D games look correct. Of course that's what I can get up shortly (few days/week), but more will come in the future.

Any way, the good points are having trusted builds that will stop a bit before official releases to keep some surprises on the official releases (that's a REALLY IMPORTANT point for me), and having more control over what's in the CVS builds (for example, removing the "report bug" on the menus). Of course, another benefit is getting better testing from a more general user base to avoid official releases being broken or suffering from regression.

Well, some of you might have already read about this already, the new part is that it will start soon, with some long demanded features. Exactly in a few hours from this post: it's going to be an interesting new way to receive feedback, let's see how it does turn.

EDIT: Already uploaded the first build, enjoy.