Sunday, January 04, 2009

New official Desmume release (0.9)

First of all, as this is important for me, I want to say that the important thing to remember from this post is that the official desmume team is doing an ammusing work.

So, the news is that the official team (which I'm member of, but haven't contributed much to lately) that is working on Desmume has released a new version. I've committed a minor amount of my work there: a little CPU fix that makes Dead'n'furious playable (I talked about it in the past) and other minor fixes and improvements. I'm too busy to be able to work more on Desmume (or any other project, for that matter), and there's talented people working there that seem to be more focused and able to do impressive work on the project that I am,:any way it's nice to see that the official version is progressing.

Still, it's very different from my version (nor better of worse, just different), as I focused on different stuff, but it's what you get from different branches of the same project. Keep an eye on what that team (and maybe me, if I get some free time and motivation) is going to get done, because it's going to amuse most of you.