Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Color especial effects

I've spent the past few days working on 2D related stuff and minor fixes. Quite a few hours have been invested "only" logging and debugging some demos still not working properly, because, for example, some basic stuff seems to be still failing. Also, I've worked a bit onto getting more speed from 3D, which got a bit faster, but still needs quite a lot of work.

Today I'll talk a bit about the last one I've been working on, even if the actual implementation is more a raft from what it should be. I'm talking about the pixel blending, which can be used, for example, to cross fade from one image to another (as used in Zelda Gallery), or blending multiple images (for example, I think that's what it's used for "MP: First Hunt" menus). You can get a proper reference here. I've still to make some proper improvements, because I still don't support some effects that can be achieved with multiple source selections, for example, but I'll fix them in a few days.

Today I prefered to leave the technical details aside, as I don't really still feel confident about how the special color effects work. Anyway, here's the blend support as seen in Zelda Gallery (source, half blended, and destiny):

And that's all, have fun :)


Anonymous said...

great advance!!!!
new features
I read in Desmume homepage that they will add your code
are you working with Desmume 0.34?

oRLY? said...


Kemenaran said...

Good work - 2D must not be forgotten. I hope to see more soon :)

shash said...

danos: I've already added some code (arm and thumb core fixes), but I seriously doubt anything aside from that will be commited in the near future. If I something, it might be some 2D enhacements, but they would need some proper testing which I'm not willing to do right now.

Felix Leonhart said...

Excelent work!

Are you, normatt, cyberwarriorx and yabause working together? Or you work on a separate project? And what about Normatt? Is he still working?

Sorry for my English ;)

xvx said...


shash said...

felix leonhart: As I said in the previous comment, I try to commit stuff to the sourceforge cvs when possible, but it takes a load of work due to different aproaches to coding. All the improvements in the blog, have been done by me without further coding help, if that's what you want to know.

Unknown said...

pleas release a new stable version :P we need, the most impresive in this was the continuos update, just an stable, the new advance look great just a new update men with a few changed ¿is so hard?

excuse the english

shash said...

skarmiglione: Don't expect a release anytime soon, as still a lot of work is needed on some areas.

Oh, and please don't ask for releases again.

Newto said...